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Two men talking about North Korea


Yesterday I was in a coffee shop. As I sat at my table, sipping my latte, I could hear voices behind me. I turned my head slightly to see two men, both over the age of 60. They were wearing T-shirts and baseball caps.

Normally I don’t eavesdrop, but their voices where so clear and loud, I could not ignore what they said. As I didn’t know their names, for this column, I will call them, “Big Man” and “Chatty man.”

Big Man: So look at all these crazy people who voted for Trump and look what it’s got us. I can’t sleep at night worrying about Trump as our president.

Chatty Man: What has he done that kept you awake?

Chatty Man: Who ever heard of a president who communicates with the world on Twitter.

Chatty Man: He’s the first.

Big Man—Trump called North Korea’s Kim Jong Un a “Little Rocket Man.”

Chatty Man: yes a reference to a song by Elton John,

Big Man: Now to save face North Korea has to bomb the United States. They say it’s inevitable.

Chatty man — you don’t really believe they’d send missiles over here, do you? Couldn’t they be bluffing?

Big Man: These two idiots, Trump and Kim Jong Un hold the future of our lives, whether we live or die, whether our children and grandchildren live or die — in their hands. Just one temper tantrum and one of them pushes the button.

Now I’m thinking What Big Man just said bothers me too. Trump and Kim Jong Un both seem too childish to be in control of nuclear bombs. I need to leave the coffee shop, but I have a few more minutes and keep listening.

Chatty Man: I pray every day about the world…

Big Man: Prayer, hocus-pocus. I’m glad you find comfort in that.

Chatty Man: Thank you, yes I do find comfort in my faith. The world has always been a mess, people fighting and shouting. Most people have never had any control over who goes to war. But God does.

Big Man: I just want to put Trump and Kim in a room with boxing gloves and let them duke it out.

I take the last sip of my coffee and think about what they are saying. I also am worried about Kim Jong Un and Trump arguing and I’m concerned about nuclear war. However, I don’t lose sleep over it. Like Chatty Man I do pray about the situation. I have no idea how the conflict between the two leaders will be resolved.

The men start talking again.

Big Man: Maybe we should just bomb North Korea.

Chatty Man: No, no, no! That would be a disaster. I trust my God. I think He has the whole world in his hands.

I finish my coffee and get ready to leave. I agree with Chatty Man that prayer is the only power we have in terrible situations. Prayer changes things. And as tense as the situation between Trump and Kim Jong Un is, I believe God knows and cares about what’s happening. After all he created this beautiful world.

Yes, I believe He does have the whole world in his hands.

Mary Stobie is a syndicated columnist and author of the memoir You Fall Off, You Get Back On. It is available at the Bookbar on Tennyson and on Amazon.com. Contact her at mry_stobie@yahoo.com or www.marystobie.com.


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