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My Name Is

My Name Is: Jan Fallon

Local Christian author who published her first book


About Me

I’m a born “Michigander,” and grew up in the Detroit area. My husband and I moved out here in the 1990s so he could do his graduate studies at Colorado Christian University.

My day job is as a graphic artist and web designer on a contractual basis and for my own company, ScriptArt, for small businesses and organizations. I’ve been running ScriptArt for 15 years.

I went to school for what was called commercial design at the time and worked as an automotive illustrator in Detroit for a while. I even worked on the Hummer design team when it was still used as a military vehicle. This was all before computers, and once that transition happened, I started doing more drafting and graphic design.

In my free time

I love long walks with my husband and our dog, especially since we live right near Addenbrooke Park and Belmar.

We also do a lot of backyard birding. One of my favorite finds in our backyard is the towhee, which is about the same size as a robin, but a little more colorful. The don’t stay around a lot like robins and sparrows do — they’re in like a flash, so you have to be prepared to jump on it.

My favorite thing about birding is how sensory it is — you learn to recognize the birds based on their sounds and flight patterns.

Getting into writing

I’d always been told I was a very good writer, but it was something I didn’t really pursue early on. I would just write and get really positive comments about it.

I also went to CCU as part of their adult education program, and so much of my assignments were writing based, which I really enjoyed. I started getting a lot of positive comments from my professors and that affirmation really emphasized to me writing was a real skill I had.

I joined a writing group, and it was there that I was given the prompt that became my first book, “Campsite Six.”

My first book

When I read scripture, I like to dally in the areas that aren’t clear. I see these as opportunities to spend time thinking. I started wondering what would have happened if Adam and Eve has procreated before they left the Garden of Eden? Could there be a lineage of people that never left the garden that are living in a realm that is parallel to our own?

As a writer, you can’t help but have parts of your personal story come into the writing, and I wanted to highlight the experiences I had where I interacted with God directly. Times when he brought healing and health to my world, which was quite broken.

I started the book about five years ago, but I got busy with work and there were times when I was unclear about how to proceed. But I had my husband and good friend who had been reading the book and wouldn’t let it go. In August 2016 I woke up and said, `I’m going to finish this book,’ and by December I had.

Then I had to go through the painful editing process and designed the cover myself.

Now I’m part of a Christian writers group, called Writers on the Rock, which does workshops throughout the year.

What readers take away

It’s been a very, very rewarding project, and even more so now that I know people are reading it. I hope people take away that we don’t see everything at once. By allowing ourselves to wonder, we can find satisfaction and hope when don’t only look at the finite things in our lives.

If you have suggestions for My Name Is ..., contact Clarke Reader at creader@coloradocommunitymedia.com.


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