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Letter: Where McMinimee fell short


In a recent letter to the editor it was suggested that a school superintendent who was hired to ensure quality education for 86,000 students with a $950 million budget (of which $280,000 is going to his compensation) should somehow not be responsible for his own decisions, his approach to communications, and his ability to raise public awareness regarding budget needs vis a vis the mill levy. It's the board's job to set strategy and it depends on its full-time, dedicated superintendent to run the business of Jefferson County Public Education. His weakness in doing this has been pointed out several times by numerous readers.

I don't think Mr. McMinimee is a bad administrator or that he has had anything but good intentions for Jefferson County Public Schools. With the recall of the Koch brother-backed board majority he was left in a tough spot and tried to make that best of it. The board made the right decision after giving him a fair shot.  All that said, he did not serve Jefferson County Public Schools successfully. I wish Mr. McMinimee well, and I look forward to an effective leader stepping up to Superintendent position as a result of the current selection process.

Marjorie Frantz,



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