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Letter: A yuge cost


The Denver Post recently reported that an undocumented Aurora mother of four was taken into custody when she checked in for her appointment with ICE. According to her attorney she has complied with our law for years, but is now scheduled for deportation.  One of her children is developmentally disabled.

Besides the obvious lack of compassion, it is worth reviewing the financial impact of this decision. ICE reports the average cost for a deportation in 2016 was $10,854. Furthermore, if the mother is deported, social services will undoubtedly bear additional costs of care for this woman's developmentally disabled child.

On a larger scale, if our nation engaged in the mass deportation that ICE seems to be headed towards, the direct cost to taxpayers is estimated by the American Action Forum to be between $420 and $620 billion. This does not include the damage to our economy done as we lose agricultural, service, and skilled tech industry labor.  Don't forget another $20 billion for the proposed "wall" between Mexico and America.

Are we sure it makes sense to spend this money deporting law-abiding community members when we could instead be investing this in quality education, healthcare for all, transportation, and affordable housing? 

Robin Kupernik,



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