Become A Master Synchronist with Award-Winning Author Mary Soliel!

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Mary Soliel, a six-time award-winning author, will present "Become a Master Synchronist!" at Full Moon Books & Event Center on Saturday, August 19, from 1 pm - 3 pm. She will share a unique perspective of life, an unseen magical occurrence that goes unrecognized by many, and yet can gift us all with more significant, powerful, and enlightened lives... synchronicity.

This extraordinary phenomenon was first coined by Carl Jung, arguably the most famous psychiatrist of all time. Dr. Jung deemed coincidences as meaningful and not random. When one experiences a jaw dropping coincidence, if they consider the astronomical odds of the event (usually two or more events synchronized in the same timeframe), they come to find that there is a divine, mystical power behind it. And this gift is occurring to all of us all the time, but we must be aware as the gifts can go easily unnoticed.

The word synchronicity isn't even in every dictionary. And yet it is a source for unsurpassed divine guidance, support, validation, and heavenly blessings. When you become aware of the magic, you can become a master synchronist as you utilize the messages to help you improve your life. Meaningful coincidences can be displayed through nature, people (from our significant others to strangers on the street), numbers, our angels... everything! And they are often witnessed within the mundane, ordinary experiences of our every day, such as when driving the car or sitting quietly in a coffee shop.

One of Mary Soliel's missions is to spread the message to help others reap the rewards on a daily basis as they are truly miracles being constantly gifted to all of us. In her three-time award-winning book "I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives," Soliel explains: "One of the world’s best-kept secrets is synchronicity. Extraordinary magic is happening everywhere while many of us are in hibernation mode. Our whole Universe is beaming meaningful synchronistic occurrences through our closest relationships, between strangers, in nature—basically all things this earth is made up of—and we are 'sleeping' through much of it. We are too busy to recognize what is right before our eyes. When we do awaken to various miraculous signs, we call them 'coincidences' and consider them interesting, at most, rather than recognizing them as the Divine gifts they truly are."

Ms. Soliel will be sharing many miraculous and astounding examples of how synchronicity has played out in her personal life. Each attendee will be inspired to become a master "synchronicist," a word she created to describe one who is a believer in synchronicity and studies it. She will provide the tools to embrace this phenomenon to the fullest. Her talk will end with a live gazing, where she channels energy through her eyes to yours, similar to a Reiki master who channels energy through their hands (more info at

Registration is $33 per person at Walk-ins with cash or check only. Mary will be signing all four of her books following this even


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