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The party in the parking lot

A new part of West Colfax received a new coat of paint thanks to the second annual MuralFest on Aug. 20. This year’s event was at the Lamar Station Plaza and Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, highlighted six new murals and brought …
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Painting the town red (and blue, and green, and orange...)

The second annual MuralFest on Aug. 20. featured six new murals, all done by a diverse bunch of muralists. The event was held at the Lamar Station Plaza and Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.
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Trimming the fat — physically and metaphorically

Deep down, dieters probably already know: Get-fit-quick schemes just don’t work. At least, not in the long term. After all, if they were effective, why do obesity rates continue to climb all across the nation and even in Colorado — a place …
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    • What's happening at city council

      The City of Lakewood approved an ordinance from Trailbreak Partners Sheridan LLC, which creates a service plan for the Sheridan Station West Metropolitan District. The Service Plan for the District will include all statutorily required information and also includes certain additional limitations City staff has requested. Upon its approval, the plan will be the district’s governing document, much like a city charter which defines the powers, authorities and limits thereon for a city.

    • RRCC offers master's in health science

      History was made at the Arvada Campus of Red Rocks Community College recently, when the newly rebuilt facility became the first community college in the nation to offer a master’s degree program. Ed Perlmutter recognized the significance and …

    • Year starts on happy note

      The first day of school at Welchester Elementary went smoothly. “So far, so good,” said Principal Bethany Robinson shortly after 8 a.m. when students were accounted for and in their appropriate classrooms. About 275 children from Lakewood …

    • Ancient ice reveals vital clues about past climate

      Inside a huge walk-in freezer, a college student in a thick parka shoots a jolt of electricity through a yard-long column of ice extracted from Antarctica. Just outside the freezer, in a much warmer room, a computer wired to the ice registers a sudden spike in a jagged red line crawling across the screen.

    • Golden Gran Fondo offers challenge for cyclists

      In part, the Golden Gran Fondo is a scenic ride of casual nature that cyclists like to do with friends. But it also has a reputation of being one of the most challenging races in the nation. “You get to ride with your buddies,” said Marty …

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