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Taking care of business

One big difference between domesticated animals, like dogs, and wild animals is because of what we feed dogs, their waste doesn’t biodegrade. The City of Lakewood and Jeffco Open Space are partnering to share this and other facts to encourage people to pick up after their dogs in parks and trails as part of the new “Let’s Doo It!” campaign.
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The taste of summer

Few sounds signal the arrival of summer like the tinkling notes of the ice cream truck drifting through the air. The tune pulls people of all ages away from whatever activity they’re doing to get some delicious relief from the …
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Denver Comic Con puts on a show

Denver’s annual gathering of all things nerd convened June 17-19 at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Over the weekend, around 114,000 fans of all shapes, sizes, and species attended the weekend event, and we at Colorado Community Media, were some of them. We explored the realms of creativity, paused to meet some interesting characters and delved into the worlds of magic, science fiction, fantasy and gaming. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite photos of the three-day event.
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    • Slater, Edgewater elementaries have elevated lead levels

      Slater Elementary in Lakewood and Edgewater Elementary in Edgewater have elevated lead levels at several drinking water sources. Two locations of 39 samples at Edgewater showed high lead levels — a sink in the library storage room and a …

    • Comic and video game creators from Lakewood share their vision at Comic Con

      In a sea of innovations on display at Denver Comic Con, the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design still made waves with its cutting-edge developments in comics and video games. The college’s Digital Art Forge debuted the first 30 seconds of …

    • Jeffco school district to not close neighborhood schools

      Is it closing time? That was the question of the day as Jefferson County Board of Education members directed staff remove the school closures from the Facilities Master Plan, Tuesday …

    • Two Jeffco Schools tax requests planned

      Come November, Jefferson County taxpayers will be asked to pay up to an average of $134 per year in property taxes to fund new and renovated facilities, and additional Jeffco School district needs …

    • Enjoying the camaraderie of nerds

      Being a nerd in Denver was a little more fun last weekend. Walking through the packed convention center of the annual Comic Con, seeing people dressed as their favorite characters, eagerly searching through boxes of comic books and pouring over …

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